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  • urielsword

    Another good interview by Ron Paul.

  • Tzsadel

    This interview is atrocious. CNN and their news actors are a prime example of how corrupt and organized the propaganda is become from the political establishment. The entire interview was completely negative towards Ron Paul. For 13 minutes, all Crowley/CNN do was throw mud at Ron Paul in an attempt to protect the Repubacrat 2 in 1 Party Establishment Puppets so that the Bankers can stay in charge.

    • Exam

      The media and so called conservative radio talking heads, as well as their brain washed listeners, are all like minded towards Mr. Paul by calling him unelectable.  They all have not reconiled the fact that more of our AD troops contribute to him, way more than all other candidates combined!  This has altogether to do with his foreign policy.  Imagine how these troops must feel when their own elected officials, televison or radio media, except Mr. Paul, assign the ‘non-electable’ label to Paul, yet…he is the only candidate who has served!

  • Iconicfreedom

    well, NONE of the candidates running have been elected on a national level; in fact, Romney ran last time and lost to McPain.  And didn’t Newt run last time, as well, and didn’t win?  NONE of them, save Ron Paul, talk about the Constitution or your personal freedom? advancing it? advocating for it? wanting to restore as much of it away from gov’t?

    the foreign policy of ALL the candidates, save Ron Paul, are advocating the same foreign policy as Bush/Obama – how’s that working out for us?  lives lost? fiscally? indebtedness to the United States?

    what of the cross application of having the federal gov’t out of our lives, and staying out of the lives of other nations, let them figure it out.  it’s one thing to stand by and watch people just being destroyed as opposed to trying to control everyone’s choices.

  • Dlpayne23

    Cnn news 404-827-2751 and 404-827-3368

    Occupy media please voice your concerns

  • Dennis M S

    Good Lord..that hideous woman looks and sounds like a female version of Jabba the Hutt.

    Newt..essentially said black american kids should be cleaning toilets.. I mean..why should they have any high hopes for the future, right? (sarcasm). He has no moral ground to try and pin a racist tag on anyone.

    • Scootzer

      He normally is a very polished speaker, ESP with mechanics. It was pretty obvious he has a cold and his nose is runny in this vid.

    • Exam

      Don’t act like a dweeb by being concerned about Ron touching his nose due to a cold.  That’s just nit picking and we have much bigger topics to be concerned about other than that.  Haven’t you got something more important to point out?

  • Yeah Right

    Propaganda indeed. I was curious who owned the Des Moines Register newspaper (the news paper doing the polling) because those numbers just seemed ridiculous. Found an interesting article that directly ties Mit Romney to the newspaper.
    1.The Des Moines Register is in fact owned by Gannett.
    2.Gannett did enter a contract with WSI in 2012. 
    3.WSI is owned by the Weather Channel. 
    4.The Weather Channel is owned by NBC Universal.
    5.NBC Universal, the Blackstone Group, and Bain Capital do have a consortium (They are in business together). 
    6.Also, according to the New York Times, Mitt Romney still profits from Bain Capital although he left there almost 13 years ago.That’s why those poll numbers are such B.S.
    Here’s the article with all the links provided
    Kinda funny that their boys number 1 all the sudden.

  • Good is beating evil RP2012…

    I’d like to stick that lady with a pin and see if she flies all around the room deflating…

    • Paul Massey

      She’d more than likely spew out all the blood she’s been sucking out of the Productive Class

  • Jbrown

    They let him speak for too long!!  MSM better get their act together!  Do they not understand that when he is given time to explain liberty and freedom, and people can hear it, his numbers surge!?  

    • Anonymous

      I noticed how she gave him time to answer.  Compare that with someone like Chris Wallace who interrupts him if he gets 15 seconds to speak. Chris Wallace:   ”Excuse me for interrupting”  “We don’t have much time”

  • Chassyca

    Why does this woman speak to Ron Paul with so much hatred?  I can see it in her eyes.  I also saw the irritation when he asked her at the end to repeat her question.  Here is what has happened to you CNN, you have lost credibility on EVERYTHING.  We all see now that you will go to any length by any means to get any end other than Ron Paul.  This is changing THE WORLD and you can’t stop yourself.  Where do we go from here?  Have any of you thought about that?  There IS NO TURNING BACK from this, you are exposed.  There is one possible way out of the mess you all have created but honestly I don’t think it would even matter at this point.  If you were to cover the campaigning equally, fairly and unbiased and admit and apologize for your negative campaign against Ron Paul AND make right ALL of the allegations made against him, MAYBE people could imagine a day when the media might be taken seriously.  IF YOU CAN’T DO THIS, YOU HAVE NO LEGITIMACY.  GOODBYE CNN.

  • Luckie McDonald

    you got to give it to the controlled media, the ysure are fishing for something on Ron Paul…. they fail each and everytime….haha

  • Scarlett Simpson

    fat cow

    • Jonathan Feucht


  • Anonymous

    Seeing Candy Crowley’s rotten pig face in High Def was a little rough on this Ron Paul supporter’s New Year’s hangover.

  • swiuv davis

    He needs to bring up the PPP Independent polls. In a head to head he beats Obama among Independents. That makes him electable.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap can we stop with ancient irrelevant newsletters and start addressing important topics?
    Topics like Foreign policy, Economic policy, the Dollar, the Federal Reserve and our individual Liberties?
    The newsletters are old news and they obviously do not mesh with Ron Paul’s long history of actions and words. Enough of the newsletters  already…

  • JimJ Det

    THANK YOU for the fabulous interview Dr. Paul.  It is, as always, truly up to WE THE PEOPLE to stand up for this country and the Constitution.  We must get out the vote and turn this country in a better direction.  Restore America NOW—Ron Paul 2012.

    For those of us that support Ron Paul it may be prudent to know that the majority of America is smarter than the staus quo Establishment (governmental, special interests of crony awarded large business and media).  Work to elect Dr. Paul and consider restraining the use of pesonal insults to interviewers……America will see through to the truth in the long run and be FOR LIBERTY.

  • Jonathan Feucht

    It seems CNN likes to ask Ron Paul the same exact questions every single interview.

  • Landon

    …he sounds sick.. :(

  • Paul Massey

    This interviewer so much resembles an over-FED tick !

  • Victoria

    I commend her for being respectful and allowing Ron Paul to speak without interruption.  That was wonderful. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Jake

    I think she did him a huge favor.  He did a great job thowing out a lot of the bull they pull on him and he answered all the questions perfectly.

  • Louis Nardozi

    I keep expecting her to say, ‘something something DARK FORCE’, ‘something something DEATH STAR’…

  • Jenzgibbons

    Ron Paul did a great job!  He does better woth each interview, pushing back on trap or trick question by interviewers, handing it back to them by pointing out they are putting words in his mouth and they are incorrect.  He shows strength by providing good argument and slapping back if you will.  His confidence is very reassuring.  I’m so proud of him.  Jennifer Nie, Santa Barbara CA

  • Hbcasey

    Hehehe, wow lady, RP just made you look ridiculous. When the media doesn’t interrupt him, he KILLS it!

  • Anonymous

    I hate her.

  • RonPaulLiberty

    They’ll never stop the 2nd American Revolution. Once you understand the message of Ron Paul, you’re free from believing this hogwash. You can’t bullshit a born-again Libertarian.

  • Steve

    Ron Paul is wrong in saying that drug laws are biased against minorities.  It’s like saying murder and rape laws are biased against Blacks because they commit these crimes disproportionately too. 

  • Steve

    I support Ron Paul ,but he is wrong when he says drug laws are biased against minorities. It’s like saying murder,rape,and assault laws are biased against Blacks because they commit those crimes disproportionately. 

  • Justin Hubbard

    You can just see how tired Ron is of these media puppets and how often he has to repeat himself without any real questions being asked.  He’s really sick of it and you can plainly see it in his face.  Keep your head up Ron, you’re doing well and we love you!

  • Dafsa

    It was almost like she gave up at the end, and actually asked him a question that she would ask all the other candidates that they want to win.  I think it was a good job by paul of spinning the obviously biased (as always) questions from positive to negatives.  Once your eyes are opened to it the lines of questioning these reporters take is absolutely, 100% nothing but propaganda.


Ron Paul Interview On CNN’s State Of The Union – Jan 1 2012



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