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  • When

    Great attack ad. This one will go viral! Great Job!

  • Ben Morris

    Another great ad against another bad candidate; however, I wonder when Ron Paul and his campaign will get around to attacking Obama?  This will boost his numbers better than attacking a no win candidate.

    • Justin Page Wood


    • Tyler Thulin

      Obama isn’t really an issue until he gets the Republican nomination. Then you KNOW the gloves will be off, and the brass knuckles will come out. Of course Obama does a good enough job of hitting himself with the help of an opponent… ;)

  • Araskaz

    Serial Hypocrite: Mitt Romney next?

  • Gregory J. Walker II

    This should have been ready for the final week in Iowa boys

  • Anonymous

    Gloves are off. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Tyler Thulin

    it was not expected for inSantorum to do any better than Bachmann, so there wasn’t a need for the ad as much as exposing Gingrich and Romney. AWESOME ad!

  • Peterjheins

    All of Ron Paul’s opponents are, except Huntsman, who just doesn’t have enough good ideas.

  • Anon

    PLEASE make an ad about Romney like this one!!! For goodness sake!

  • Chrisadorn

    This is great, but there needs to be way more anti-Romney ads. Santorum was and is irrelevant.

  • Airborne82ndporcelli



Official Campaign TV Ad: Betrayal



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