• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128337205 Nita Ell

    Amen ;)  Ron Paul 2012.  Please please help stop the lies that are being spread by Christians United For Israel–that Ron Paul hates Israel, etc.,, etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Catrina-Glasl/512260222 Catrina Glasl

    Ron Paul is the candidate for Freedom and Prosperity for all.  Equal rights and priviliges under the law, not special rights and extra benefits for a few.  Ron Paul 2012!

  • Joshua Park

    When I first looked into this Ron Paul guy back in 2007, I also eiscovered Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, and Walter Block. Reading about the world through their eyes opened up my own eyes and helped me work through thouse things in the back of my mind that said, “Something isn’t right, here.” I can’t recommend them enough.

    For Ron Paul fans who don’t know Prof. Block, he has a formidable logic and an entertaining way to present arguments. If you want to challenge your way of thinking or just want some fun mental exercises to think throught, I highly recommend his “Defending the Undefendale” book. Google it, and I’m sure you’ll find many chapters of it (if not the whole thing) free.

  • Dave

    Shalom Ron Paul…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYT2C3EY3VAKQOOYFTOG4NXWTU Stephen

    I’m Jewish and I support Ron Paul 2012!

  • vkirkeby

    I am not Jewish, I am Christian.  I believe we as Christians and Americans should be friendly supporters of Israel.  I consider the Jewish people as God’s chosen people, Jesus’ family on earth. I pray for their welfare on earth until the coming of Christ.  It gives me hope that there are Jewish people who do understand and believe in Ron Paul’s message and sincerity. There are Christians in this country that care about your well being and freedoms as we do our own.  RON PAUL 2012!

    • Stienster

      You’re being deceived.  Zionism ISN’T God’s Will.  The people that are referred to as Jews are most likely Edomites, and they are the descendants of Esau, whom God says He “hates” Mal.1:3, Rom.9:13.  We’ve been tricked.  Yes, I’m a Christian.  Do the research into “Edomites”.  These liars are satanists and follow the Babylonian Talmud, which allows for sex with children, bestiality, lying, and all sorts of hatred against “goyim” (that would be us).  God’s Chosen People are not these maniacs.  No, I’m not saying that people whom consider themselves to be Jews are all satanists.  The Zionists are mostly leaders/politicians and their agenda is world domination.  Many US government officials are not only zionists but are also dual citizens of Israel, which is unconstitutional btw.  Look this up for yourself.  Don’t believe me.  Start with http://twowitnessministries.com/Documents/Edomites.pdf  and also http://RemnantofYHWH.com

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Great Video

  • Anonymous

    I liked what Mr. Block had to say.  What he may fail to understand is that there is an agenda afoot and that agenda is to establish and maintain the New World Order.  That of course will not work out for those elitists if Ron Paul were elected POTUS.  Paul is a constitution first type guy.  If a proposed law or mandate isn’t allowed or goes against the Constitution, then Paul will of course veto it.  Paul is also very anti Big Govt.  These elitists know that and they can not let that happen.  They (the elites) have made great strides in overriding or neutralizing our Constitution (especially with Obama in power).  These elites have their power bases in place (one chief among them is the Main Stream Media).  So, it doesn’t matter what the American people want, it boils down to what the elites want.  These elitists with their huge power bases in almost everything in our country, will control the outcome of the election.  They will get their man in office, but, of course, make it seem like this is what the American people want.

    I’m voting Ron Paul for POTUS and I think that there are enough Americans out there that have seen what these elites have and are doing to our country and have had enough.  We already know, but so far cannot prove, that Obama is a fraud and is not eligible to be POTUS.  Hopefully, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse can come up with enough evidence to prove Obama is ineligible to be prez.  BTW, I just read today that Orly Taitz’s law suit challenging Obama’s eligibility issues have FINALLY been given ‘standing’ by a Judge Malihi out of Georgia.  I guess the elites forgot about him.  Thank God Orly finally found a judge that hasn’t been bought off.

    So, in conclusion, maybe, just maybe, this will be the year the people of America will finally be able to properly vet one Barack Hussein Obama and we can finally put to rest what we already know — that being, BHO is a fraud and has committed numerous felonies upon the American people.  In the meantime, let’s get our country back on track and a vote for Paul is a vote for more freedom, less foreign entanglements, and less Big Govt.  It’s just that simple people.  At least with Ron Paul you know where you stand.  If he makes campaign promises and he’s elected president, you can rest assured that he’ll make good on those promises, unlike Obama and his phoney promises.  God Bless and have a nice day!

  • Mundus Vult Decepi

    Right on.  

  • Rickshif

    I’m not from your country but I would support Ron Paul in a flash. He seems to have more brains in his pinky then all other candidates. One must go beyond what the Liberal media endorses which is mostly lies anyway. He is on track unless you want a one-world government to kick your butts even more. Already you poor people could be detained or even executed with Obama’s last signing. Shame on all who would put Israel down. Most of our inventions came from these people and the whole world benefits from them. Why not turn the finger when someone persecutes Israel and do the same to them. Like in an eye for an eye….

  • ???? ????

    PEOPLE OF THE BOOK – YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW “THE BOOK” – My Very Sad Assimilated Jewish Brother – You remind me of Harry Lukach the British Aide in the 1920’s {Re-named Luke after his family converted} 

    I am a Practicing Jew & I live in Israel – (I am fine with No Aide to Israel) – You are really a Pathetic Apologizer – Paul has Jewish Aides, So does obama – There was even a Jewish Secretary of State in Germany as hitler was rising to power – You Support A President [obama] who doesn’t even know how many states there are in the Union – Ron Paul not only took pictures with naXi’s HE ACCEPTED MONEY FROM WHITE POWER PEOPLE & YOU SAY IT IS O.K. – A PATHETIC FOOL YOU ARE – people who are against a cause will do everything in their power to not only give back the money but make public statements to that effect & more

    Ron Paul Supports the cause of the people who have been attempting to kill us – Let’s just step back in time shall we to:Haj Amin al-Husseini the “Mufti of Jerusalem” [who spent much of WW II amassing muslim forces for hilter] & his minions 1) 1921 Jaffa 43 Jews Murdered & 143 wounded 2) 1929 to the Pogrom in Hebron 70 Jews killed 3) The War in 1956 you mention 4) The Six Day War 5) Yom Kippur War + 6,7,8,9

    When he called Aza a Concentration Camp = He Meant It * He Supports the arab over Your People & not that I begrudge the arab their 22 countries – We Jews only have (1) One Country & to support a men who supports the people who want to push us into the sea is to show us all how far you have fallen & how sad & meaningless your Judaism has become

    I could go on forever showing you haw blatantly ignorant you are but it says in scripture not to spend to much time in a fools company so you may not be associated (with/as) one


  • John Grassi

    What I am learning and have learned about Ron Paul is that he is by far the most honorable individual running for president know matter what party you follow, democrats, republicans, green party, etc. Further he has plenty of experience, with a family, running a small business, understanding the health care issue, and clearly looking and understanding economics. Further after living and working in Asia for 30 years, I believe he has nailed it on the head with our intervention. I listen to the others and though they may present themselves well, we really have not seen what they have done. Newt – the facts that Ron Paul and the others have pointed out are quite clear and true. Further even when I have listened to him – I thought wow he made a lot of sense and then when I went to fact check, I was blown away by how much is was un true or totally false. Mitt, I do like Mitt and his wife but I do not think Mitt is really going to make any real changes. He is one of those Wall Streeters that we are all tired of, though he makes good arguments, I am sure what will happen is that we will still only be given the crumbs. Huntsman – I really do not know much about I do like that he has some good overseas experience. Rick S., I do feel he is a war monger –  though I do need to learn more about him. I do like the idea that he would like to lower the tax to 0% for manufacturing. I think this is an idea we should consider implementing immediately based on exports like the Asians have done for years, but there are still many things that we would need to do. 

    President Obama and the first lady are good american people, however, I just feel that President Obama does not have enough experience. I think Ron Paul does. Further I think its time that the older people being manipulated, as it is obvious we all have, otherwise we would not be in this scenario. What we need to do is go back to basics – The Constitution!! 

    Please consider Ron Paul – he is a real Loyal American Underdog. Educate yourself – spend some time looking into this – form your own opinion – do not let others mold it for you. I am sure Ron Paul would second what I am saying. You need to do for your self.

    John Grassi

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYTAMUHPA5UMC7N4J3ENAKZRB4 Ron

    Love Dr. Paul.

  • Jbrochtrup

    he likes Milton Friedman too, right?

  • Norm741

    It is refreshing to hear a courageous Jew speaking up for Ron Paul.  Ron’s biggest sin is that he is not a Neo Con,  Zionist and the Military Industrial Complex run this country and own the media. Non stop war and total support for Israel are a must in todays political realm.Walter Block joins Norman Finkelstein, Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky as righteous Jews,