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  • Plamadeala80

    Wow.  Who’s this man? 

    • thepainter

      Really or are you kidding? If your not kidding. Look him up, there a lot to learn from him.

      • Guest

        what’s the music in the video?

        • John_fornagard

          Hanz Zimmer – Time.  If i´m not mistaken.

  • Eric Kendrick

    So powerful this should go viral 

    • thepainter

      Share it on FB like I did. 

      • Reynaldo Jimenez


        • Reynaldo Jimenez

          GOTTA LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!! 

  • Anonymous


  • thepainter

    Let it not be said that we did nothing! by Ron Paul

  • Tom

    He keeps dropping bombs, bombs of truth. Unfortunately truth is treason in the empire of lies.

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  • Matt Caron

    holy damn that was good. 

  • Farzaneh Ashoori

    All my love and respect to you Dr. Paul. You are our only hope to rebuild this great country. God bless you Sir.

  • Jlminner

    WOW!! This needs to spread. The presidential election can be won on this video. Powerful Powerful stuff!

    • Jeff Brown

      HELL YEAH!!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Reminds me of when Colonel Stauffenberg, Gen Rommel, and many other Generals and politicians realized how evil Hitler was and tried to stop him from destroying Germany and the rest of the world. So sad that they failed, yet we have a much bigger chance to stop the puppet Government, big banks, oil companies, and war related companies like KBR from destroying America. 

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Had a great ending

  • Shark Man

    Crying my eye balls out right now.

    • Jeff Brown

      My girlfriend and I are crying too :)

  • gib g

    posted on my page an just fyi i saw it after two of my friends had posted it

  • ciro tramontano

    omg incredibly powerful. and kinda sad to see what our country has come to. get this to go viral

  • ciro tramontano

    Share it and get it viral. also maybe we can get it on drudge? theyve put a grassroots video up before no?

  • JMas

    The Prophet

  • Jeff Brown

    WOW!!  SO SO POWERFUL AND TRUTHFUL…It’s amazing that many folks in America can’t see what’s happening….WAKE THE F*** UP FOLKS!!!

  • Aaron Fried

    It looks like this man read Atlas Shrugged.

    But, seriously, how can people see this and NOT support Dr. Paul?

  • Tantrumx10

    powerful….he’s a big f bomb HERO

  • Greg Musinski

    I like that last part where it shows Ron in the oval office, 2012 President Ron Paul 

  • Ryan Jones

    Nice, but you linked to someone who re-posted the video, rather than the original video from collectivecheckup.  That diminishes views, trending value, and credibility.

    • Anonymous

      You say this, but I don’t see any submission from you telling me this, nor giving the original URL. Unless you’re going to help fix the problem…..??

  • John Flynn

    The posts like this are why I keep coming back. Actually they’re all good but this one stands out. Rki lån


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