• Anonymous

    awesome! It’s gotta suck when the people bombard you asking you questions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mfd95 Matthew Delsignore

    she just got roasted………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1644596073 Jenn Shockey-Leaver

    How can she say she “didn’t say that”, she Anchored that peice and said it….  LOL

  • Mark Toffler

    Let’s not whine though. I mean, most of the individuals were within the realm of respectable discourse, however I think the first woman let her emotions get the best of her.

  • Cyork

    Haha these people are awesome.  Bash is such a pompous bitch.  

  • http://allisondduncan.com Allison Duncan

    “Noone as fair as I am” 0.o

    Way to be objective.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753909946 Cynthia Dobson Lanpher

    I would have loved to have heard what the woman had to say who she was about to interview at the end there. I am sure another fair and unbiased interview? I noticed the smirks and the knowing glances and raised eyebrows shot between the two of them while others were trying to hold her accountable for the hack job she and CNN had be doing on Dr. Paul. So it seems to me that her and her intended interview were already on the same page… either that or she is about to get blindsided again… :D

  • Vilan Ring

    Im so proud of our fellow supporters. Thery behaved impeccable. Polite, yet direct and honest. She didn’t handle it at all.

    I guess when she moves about in the real world and faces the popularity of the revolution it overwhelmes her . She’s too used to her insider pundit bubble where the establishment routinely makes fun of and tries to marginalize our future president and the hardships of ordinary folks.

    I hope people continue to let her hear it! She’s a classic corrupt lamestream media spin doctor.

    • C Hand

      Exactly.  Very well put.  :-)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJTU2HXWZ5KQNJPAF5GW4S7BAQ Cleofas

    dana bash a cnn press-titute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grand Abbot

    We have to physically confront all the people in the media.. and get it on film!

    This was great!!!

    She was so blindsided by all the comments. If you have a camera on them and film them while asking a piercing question, they have no where to go.


    • Anonymous

      Grand Abbot – I agree. People like Dana Bash who masquerade as “objective journalists” must be confronted publicly and loudly when they blatently violate the most fundamental principles of journalistic integrity.

      Is this woman so blind as to not understand that, literally, saying one moment that she “is afraid of a Ron Paul Presidency”, and then in the same day attacking him on some non-issue, that maybe just maybe she is completely not objective? This woman is delusional, and needs to be removed from covering Ron Paul’s campaign immediately. I press everyone to contact CNN to complain, if even out of the decency of removing this spiteful irresponsible woman from such as important role as reporting on a presidential election! For God’s sake.

      • C Hand

        Publicly, loudly, complain, but no “physical” force.  That is unacceptable.  :)

    • Dspardue

      Use the same cameras that they use to try and ruin him! AWSOME!!!!!! I loved this!!! made my weekend!

  • Robert

    this made my day.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/selectfromwhere Taylor Moran

    LOL, Ron Paul supporters are the best!

  • Ripleydallasbishop

    Great to see the media answering questions from their own viewers, they have to have take some accountability
    for how they present the news, & when viewers see the bias coverage then the public should get involved, after all they’re not suppose to make our decisions for us, I like to think for myself & not have two bit hacks influencing me.

  • Matt S.

    It’s funny how at 2:09, she tried to distract him to avoid answering the question, as if he’s a child and there’s a bag of candy where ever she’s pointing. CNN has just as many phonies in there as Fox does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Lord/39200706 Scott Lord

    Nice.  If she has a conscious that outweighs her paycheck maybe she’d get a clue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Lord/39200706 Scott Lord

    CNN’s objectivity is to talk about who sleeps with who, how many wives candidates have had, what they forgot in a speech, who said what, how many pigs fly in the local circus, and never report on real issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Griffin/699060612 Sean Griffin

    What a horrible woman.

  • Anonymous

    Stop harassing this woman.

    If she doesn’t come away from a conversation with a Paul supporter thinking, “That was polite and friendly. Maybe I should listen to what they say, and ask the right questions,” then you’re not doing it right.

    The actual piece that resulted from the “junk” question was overall very positive. It showed an independent NH voter in the moment of choosing Paul.

    • jmsptrk

      I agree. She clearly came away probably feeling bullied. And that’s not going to help the cause in any way, shape or form. I don’t care for her / CNN’s coverage of Dr Paul either. It has been outright sensationalism trumping journalism. BUT… I also believe the best way to have a conversation with someone you don’t agree with or doesn’t agree with you, or even with someone who has been unfair to you (e.g. CNN), is with class—like Dr Paul. That’s the yardstick. If Dr Paul wouldn’t treat someone in such a manner, then we shouldn’t do it while being his ambassadors. We need to be kind, patient, persistent and decent. THAT’S how you win them over. Voice your displeasure, of course. But do it in a manner that is as dignified as the man we all support.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arica-Abel/202202765 Arica Abel

    I think she needs to re-watch all of her own footage on youtube to open her blind eyes to her bias “reporting”

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    She is going to start having trouble sleeping.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LeoSynapse Keith Syvinski

    It didn’t feel so good to be backed into a corner and rolled over on, did it? She picks from the tree she planted. What exactly was she comparing to the Arab-Israeli conflict?

    • Edward Stephens

      She was referring to the growing criticism of Israel’s handling of the Palestinian people.  Those against the settlements and Israeli terrorism on Palestine.  Basically, she’s dismissing that claim along side the claim by Paul supporters that he’s a viable candidate.

    • Vilan Ring

      She was suggesting that we are kooks, fanatics and probably also terrorists.

      You know how when people discuss the israeli-palestinian situation they are rarely objective and open to adjust their viewpoint?

      That’s how she perceives us, because she has to grasp at some kind of straw to rationalize away the fact that SHE is the blind extremist polluting the air with her establishment spin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-M-Phillips/1591990393 Patrick M Phillips

    I’m sorry, I’ve been a supporter since ’07 but the way this lady’s getting treated is just stupid.  The only dude there with an intelligent thing to say to her was the young guy @ :45.  The rest just sound like paranoids.  Seriously, there’s a MUCH better way to handle bad reporting than spouting off.  Say something constructive for God’s sake. 

  • EarthBornHero

    lol she says “Theres probably no one as fair as I am” But you don’t see her interview any of the people who have a problem with her prevoius reporting and un fairness toward Ron Paul. Then, after confirming the elderly woman at the end of the clip shares the same opinion as her on the matter, proceeds to interview her. ” Yeah, exactly, YOU get it. Exactly”  I guess thats what she considers fair reporting. I call it selective hearing and bias.

  • Reid

    I love this! lol I wish we could see more, I’m sure she got tore up the whole night.

  • Deng Perez

    For those Spanish speaking people. We can contact cnnespanol@cnn.com CNN in Spanish. I already did. Let them realize that all people and all groups of people are sick and tired of manipulative reporting.

  • Steve

    ohh geez, she got facerolled here! Is she new to reporting? How many other corespondents have warned about discounting us? I thought everyone had learned that unfair coverage against Paul = confrontation and an overflowing email box.  

  • Michael T.

    As I’ve said before, Dana Bash is a Jewish American who must have issues with some of Ron Paul’s positions on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and his prior statements about Iran.

    How else could you explain her showing such an obvious bias? I’m not even a Ron Paul supporter and I could not believe the words coming out of her mouth.

  • http://jackiedan.myopenid.com/ When

    We need to confront them harder, they way they confront us. Next time we snowball them for real.

  • Tonythebrain

    Get ‘em! We have to start treating the media how they deserved to be treated. In fact, it’d be nice to start using private investigators to catch them in scandals! Make them lose their jobs!

  • http://www.larry-kelly.com Larry Kelly

    you ever have a really bad day?

  • Janelloyd

    outrageous! She is bringing cnn to the level of fox

  • Reggie

    Finally we but Bash on Blast!!!!

  • Jeriel

    She’s delusional to think she’s fair. She’s the one who’s blind.