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  • Mark VonGermeten

    I would have loved to see Bill O’Reilly’s face when Huckabee
    said “Except with Ron Paul”

  • Bigbadtxboy

    EXACTLY!  There is only ONE candidate that offers REAL change and that candidate is Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!!

  • Tyler Smith

    O’Reilly goes on to say Ron Paul is basically already out of the race, doesn’t stand a chance so we should just ignore him. Not verbatim but that was the idea in what he said. Scumbag Huckabee agrees.

    • Anonymous

      Well good, glad the poster cut them off while they were still attesting to what little truths they’re forced to admit to,

  • Rfurterer

    Paul doesn’t want to be President to “give” me freedom. He doesn’t own
    my freedom and he didn’t give it to me. The only reason Ron Paul wants
    to be President is to stop punishing people for using their freedom that
    is rightfully theirs. He wants no power. This is clear to anyone who
    listens to him speak. There are two kinds of human beings. Those who want power, and those who want freedom. You
    can tell which one’s which very easily. Those who want freedom are
    straight-edged. They are consistent, principled, and you can feel their
    human soul when they speak to you. There’s a continuum out there of
    human souls somewhere in spiritual cyberspace, and when you come into
    contact with one of these souls, you know immediately, because souls are
    by definition free. You sense sincerity, realness, consistency, a free
    human being. If you’re a man who seeks freedom and you come into contact
    with a real human soul, you become instantly addicted and you swallow
    up anything you can get your hands on. You want to unite immediately, no
    matter what you disagree on. There are people in the freedom movement
    that don’t exactly like Israel, especially me being a “settler” and I
    don’t care. If they want freedom, I sense it and my human drive for
    individualism suddenly turns into an intense desire to unite into a
    collective – but a collective of free individuals. It’s a beautiful
    dialectic, and it doesn’t matter what we agree or disagree on, as long
    as we agree on freedom.

  • Reggie

    I wanted to hear Bill’s response! lol

  • Peterjheins

    For once I agree with them on one thing, but these guys are horrible.

    • Anonymous

      Santorum/Gingrich/Romney are the 3 stooges of the GOP.

  • Airborne82ndporcelli


  • ConstitutionHugger

    Can someone explain to me what’s the matter with these people?  Can all of these talking heads be corrupt at the same time?  How can they look at themselves in the mirror?  Shame on them!

  • Cheryldas

    Where’s the rest of the interview??

  • Jake Witmer

    Ron Paul doesn’t kneel and kiss the royal seal, he’s his own man, the real deal.


Bill O’Reilly & Mike Huckabee: GOP Candidates are Identical, Except Ron Paul Jan 20 2012



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