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  • Anonymous

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  • Jayceerenegado

    now that’s real investigative reporting.

  • Bill St. Pierre

    Finally a reporter that does some REAL investigating! I believe Dr. Paul when he says he didn’t write the letters and this shows me that he didn’t.  Anyone that thinks Ron Paul is a racist should look at his voting record; he ALWAYS votes for OUR civil liberties 100% of the time.  How’s that racist?


    I still dont understand  how this can be relevant if NO ONE even really has access to these newsletter anymore? If it weren’t for the media, these would have faded away long ago, so if anyone is perpetuating these ‘controversial’ comments, its the ‘journalists’ and presstitutes that continue to bring them up. You would think that Dr. Paul is distributing these thing at campaign stops by the way the media spins it….yet all the damn things are are INVESTMENT NEWSLETTERS. These dirtbags literally had to dig through hundreds of pages of outstanding economic literature to find this stuff. meanwhile, newt gingrich and santorum say racially insensitive shit all the time….IN THE PRESENT….not TWENTY YEARS ago. And what about the Perry family ranch?

  • Gooky454

    exactly, real investigative reporting. thanks BEN

  • guest

    Wow… that was a great piece of REAL journalism.  They’ve done a couple other good “Reality Check” pieces that show Ron Paul in the true light.  I’m surprised this guy still has a job.  I wish CNN, Faux News, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC did these kind of pieces.  Isn’t that what our news outlets are supposed to do?

  • The dude

    Please share this story with others.  I’m sick of hearing that Ron Paul is a racist homophobe conspiracy theorist.  He’s actually the opposite.  His co-candidates for the Republican nomination and Obama are 100 times more racist, homophobic than Dr. Paul and they create the conspiracies since they conspire in secrecy. 

  • Yas

    now THAT’S REAL journalism! 

  • Rahul Reddy Pogula

    Why is this video set to “Unlisted” on Youtube? This video needs to be listed and go viral ASAP!

    • Anonymous

      Because I work hard, and you can send people HERE instead of YouTube! Support the grassroots instead of megacorps. THAT’S why.

  • Jason Cole

    It’s refreshing to see journalists actually do their job.  Good report, and I think we are all curious (and furious) to find out who that byline is.

  • Justin Hubbard

    Ron Paul didn’t right those newsletters obviously… come on. 

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Nicely done, suck on that Media

  • Matthew Delsignore

    the person that wrote those needs to man up and confess………

  • Paul

    Ben, you are a true credit to your profession.

  • Donald Meinshausen

    I believe that it was Murray rothbard who wrote those articles as he was the only one who had the standing in the libertarian movement to get away with that kind of bullshit. Note that those articles disappeared after he died in 1995.

    • Matthew Swaringen

      Perhaps, but Murray Rothbard is someone Ron Paul respects a great deal, so I’m not sure if that helps him much.  I also like Murray from most things I’ve read that he has written, but I think the idea of the Rockwell-Rothbard strategy in the 90s was pretty retarded.  Oh well.. 

      I actually kind of doubt Murray himself wrote them but think someone that they hired to do it did.  In any case, Rockwell as editor definitely had to know about it, he doesn’t have the “I’m just the publisher” defense.

      But I like Lew Rockwell too, I just think these statements were retarded. 

    • Sam Fox

      Swann exposes who wrote at least one of the articles & probably wrote all of them. Look further @ YouTube.

  • J0R

    Ben mentioned Lew Rockwell.  What did he exactly do?  

  • Ronpaulendorser

    This station is just 20 minutes away from me!

  • Anonymous

    Ben, good stuff and what the big outlets like CNN usually try their best to avoid and ignore. Thanks for a job well done.

  • Anonymous

    So: Lesson Learned: Never, ever let anyone else write your news letters. I have found in my 20 years of paid work experience, the people one hires reflect the viewpoints of the one hiring them. So, Ron Paul allowed it.

    Ron Paul isn’t Progressive, so, he isn’t my President. He is regressive. He makes things interesting, though, so I’ll continue to vote him up in the popularity polls

    • Learn2Rean&Think

      That is the most retarded thing I have heard my life life. Thank good its only an opinion.

  • Pneuma

    Excellent debunking of the allegations!

  • Pneuma

    interesting that they were written while paul was out of political office and preoccupied by work – obviously someone else was steering his political flagship then

    • Learn2Rean&Think

      Also interesting that it was written after he attempted to run for president in ’88. Since the newsletters were written in ’90-’91, seems like someone was making sure to plant some evidence in case of another  bid, these would be “found”. And found they have for the umpteenth time.

  • Trevor Cason

    Make this viral. It never amazes me how the big news agencies gloss over the facts. I had no clue there were so many months between the racist passages. That is clearly indicative of a freelance author and not someone who was continually writing for them!

  • Jeff Becker

    What, no mention of Eric Dondero?

  • Angela

    The proof just isnt there. I’ll continue to judge this man not based on “written words” from 2 decades ago, but by his clearly visible actions and solely on the content of his character which has been openly consistent for over 30 years in the public eye. If you cant see that he did not write those articles then youre obviously not paying attention to what hes been saying and voting on consistently year after year. SO keep digging MSM, but you wont find anything tangible because this man is obviously incorruptible.

    • Christian

      MSM or 99% of the media does not care or give a rat’s butt about you or your candidate. They care about making money from controversial stories that get attention of the masses and whatever furthers their political agenda. If it’s enough to to eke out some extra battle points for their candidate, great! They won’t go back and defend yours after he’s been destroyed. They have new fish to fry and leave yours to rot. They have absolutely no desire to be conclussively ethical on anything.

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  • Edcrivca

    You have been deceived if you think progressive is a good thing, progressive means that you are for the new world order, one world government, the end of the constitution, socialism…HOW

  • Anonymous

    It’s completely believable that he didn’t read the newsletters. I know because I’ve written for sitting politicians and worked for personality based organization that used newsletters for fundraising. After the first couple ghost writings get reviewed and approved, everything else just goes through. I worked in a governor’s office that had a machine very similar to this for signatures on letters to constituents:
    I wrote those letters. They were, in general, not reviewed but they went out with an ink signature. 
    I worked in a non-profit organization that outsourced the entire fundraising/newsletter process. The principal didn’t review most of what was sent out after the first few months. Dr. Paul had 4 different fundraising letters going out. It would be very weird if he did read every one of them. 
    Any contention that he’s lying when he says he didn’t read the newsletters is either ignorant of the industry or flat out deceptive.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree.  I interned on the hill for a Congressman and as a college student I was given the task of writing several memos that I am almost certain were reviewed by only “lower level” staffers.  Is it unfortunate that these newsletters went out under his name? Yes.  Does he bare some of the responsibility (which he owns up to)? Yes.  But is it plausible that he was not aware of the content of these newsletters and perhaps does not agree with their content? Yes.  However, anyone who knows what Ron Paul is all about also knows that he is not a racist.  Actions speak louder than words.

  • Debbie

    Actually Bill St. Pierre, he has stated he would never have voted for the civil rights act, he is anti woman and racist….as is his son………christ!  Hell, I want to disband the CIA, IRS, get rid of the federal reserve and end all wars too…..AND I’M NOT A RACIST, so vote me in as president!!!

  • Tripleg023

    Ok????? Wtf is wrong with you dude….this video is a waste of life no wonder I’ve never heard of you……..crickets

  • Anonymous

    What is worrying is not whether or not we can prove that Ron Paul did not write them, but that many people believe he did without evidence. Stupidity (ignorance of ignorance) is the problem

  • Anonymous

    Wow  nice reporting.

  • Ben Morris

    WOW! Great reporting Ben!!! And thanks rpflix for posting these!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good job, these should be emailed to sites like Mediaite and others.

  • Grand Abbot



  • Grand Abbot

    FIRST OFF — Here is a PDF copy of the newletter in question…

    Is this the same James B. Powell?

    ~OR~ It could be this other guy…

    this James B. Powell is the same guy as this author on Amazon, he’s
    written about investing, which is what the Ron Paul newsletters talked

    Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to High Tech Investing
    February 1, 1987

    Super Investment Trends: Cashing in on the Dynamic ’90s
    January 1, 1992

    Here’s the author’s website:

    link to

    CHECK THIS, on his page:

    In This Storm Most Investments Are Doomed!If You Want Strategies That Work,This Is The Newsletter For You

    is still time to prepare for life in what I call The New America. I
    hope you will join our group of independent thinkers who are determined
    to remain safe and prosperous during the difficult period that is just
    getting underway.

  • Pneuma

    They found the identity of the author: JAMES POWELL

    Journalism isn’t dead.

  • Wevez

    Let’s see if the MSM pick up this story as fervantly as they did before…

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    This guy rocks, plus there was a video of Santorum making his racist statement. Also a video of Bachmann at a KKK rally cheering on racist bands playing on a stage. Yet this is not big news. 

  • Deapp

    It seems as if people in the white supremacist, Neo-Nazi community they believe that Paul is one of them. Paul is usually somewhere between David Duke, who refers to Paul as “Our King,” and Hitler on the Neo-Nazi hero list. Ron Paul accepted a donation from the founder of white supremacist site, Stormfront, Don Black and even took a picture with him and his son Derek. Ron Paul has been endorsed by David Duke and Sean Hannity’s Racist Nazi cohort, Hal Turner. Several prominent Ron Paul Internet organizers are also notorious Neo-Nazis. Will Williams, also known as white Will was a prominent internet organizer for the Paul’s campaign. He also was the Southern Coordinator for Turner Diaries’ author, William Pierce’s National Alliance. Another one is Ron Doggett.  Doggett, a David Duke underling posts Ron Paul propaganda on various Neo-Nazi website, such as Stormfront and Vanguard News. Another KKK member who organized for Paul was Randy Grey, the Midland County, Michigan coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential campaign who was also a leader for the Michigan KKK. Ron Paul’s Civil Rights voting record is the worst in government. Face it the man is a racist. Obviously, Ben Swann is a Ron Paul one sided supporter reporter. How can you do an investigation and miss the facts above and there is more? How can you not take into consideration the murderous genocidal history of some groups who think they are racially superior, then compare them to those who are racially bias with out the history or means to cause harm to anyone. If a Jew hate Hitler and his modern day worshipers, doesn’t mean the Jew is racist but bias toward those who hate him. Obama, part white, was raised as a white man by racist grandparents who he loved dearly.  Because of this, some believe he is bias against Black people for his lack of appointing them to prominent office positions in the White House. But 95% of the positions were filled by White men and women. This is a bad and bias investigation by Ben Swann!

  • Rebeccagavin

    The New Republic is not a newspaper, it is a magazine that has been published continuously since 1914.  If you don’t even know what the New Republic is, how is anyone supposed to buy your Paul; apology schtick?

  • Rebeccagavin

    You idiots…this is a Ron Paul apology site.  This is not investigative journalism.  Why do the newsletters matter?  They speak to his judgement and his character.  If he didn’t write them, he certainly hired the person who did.  Who goes around allowing their name to be attached to something without knowing what is being advocated?  Are you trying to say that no one ever went to him and said, “hey, your newsletters have some pretty extreme stuff in them?”   If he found out about it and fired the guy who wrote the objectionable content, he would surely say that.  The real investigative journalism was done by the guy who found the copies of the newsletters and reported on them.  The New Republic is a highly respected journal of news and opinion that has been continuously published since 1914.  This was made in a studio, much like a commercial…made to look like a newscast…but it’s not a newscast.  How gullible people are!

  • Rebeccagavin

    Unbelievable…..this is nothing but propaganda.  All those candidates named did say racist things, except Obama.  Did you notice there is no TV station logo….anybody can build or rent a set and make videos, people.

  • Shotgun428

    Join us at send the biggest Ron Paul money bomb ever

  • Sam Fox

    This is what I posted to another article:

    I said somewhere online that we’d pay for ignoring Ron Paul. To many people took fringe media’s lies against Ron Paul as truth without bothering to see what the man himself had to say. Bill O’Really? was one of those who lied about Ron’s foreign policy. Fox News was also complicit in the RP Bashfest. Fox switched C-Pac videos of audience reaction after Dr. Paul’s 2nd consecutive C-PAC victory. See the video at YouTube. Billy deceived his audience by making snide deceptive remarks about Dr. Paul’s foreign policy. Bill stomped on Ron without showing what Ron actually said & then pointing to the flaws in Ron’s FP.

    Also at YouTube there is a vindication of the false charges of racism that were leveled against Dr. Paul because of 20+ yr old news letters. Look @ YT for Ben Swann Truth About Ron Paul Newsletters

    Swann also found a signed newsletter article by a man who may have written all the racist articles. Also @ YT.

    At YouTube there is another video, When Did Ron Paul Become The 13th Story Of A Hotel that shows Fox ‘News’ & other fringe media ignoring Ron Paul &/or making fun of the only true Constitutional conservative running. The RNC-GOP especially tried to quash Dr. Paul. The CINO-RINO war hawks did succeeded in burying Gary Johnson, who is almost as good a choice as Ron would have been. Now we know where the GOP ‘progressive’ infiltrators stand.

    That aside, we are where we are. I don’t think it’s to late, but we best get to doin something, peaceable that is. I suggest checking out Napolitano for our next prez candidate. YouTube has a lot of videos of Da Judge.

    To find out WHY our financial situation is horrible & getting worse, by those who are taking over the USA from within, look up

    Cloward and Piven Strategy

    Rules For Radicals

    Make no mistake!! The USA, freedom, our founding documents, We The People…all are under attack, as I said, from within.

    God, please have mercy on this country!



Ben Swann’s Reality Check: The Story Behind the Ron Paul Newsletters – Jan 4 2012



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