• http://twitter.com/owenbarrett Owen Barrett

    Strange. Same video as HonestPresident2012’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKz9OeiI0g.

  • Anonymous

    I like the original better.


    AMERICAN’S WAKE UP,our BRAVE women and men that have and do serve, putting their lives and familys at risk are trying to LEAD us back to real AMERICA.Please WAKE up. They have lived this night mare.Our gorernment has been high jacked.WE NEED THEM HOME TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY NOW.WE all KNOW in our HARTS that our government has USED our GREAT COUNTRY as a means for crooks and muderers to go free to enrich them selves and to cover up past politions that should be in prision for treason.WAKE UP PLEASE.PLEASE DR PAUL DO NOT TRUST GAURDS YOU DO NOT KNOW. MAYBE BRING THESE FINE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN TO PROTECT YOU.DO NOT TRUST GOV HIRES,THEY COULD BE PART OF THE CRUPT SYSTEM. I PRAY FOR YOUR SAFETY.

  • GrandAbbot

    What’s with the strange silence at the end? Did Cain’s ad-advisers work on the last part of this?

    Love the rest though.

  • Plamadeala80

    Pretty powerful.  Someone like Paul does not come around often.

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