• Jake

    I want someone to address Michele Bachmann’s comments directly.

    • jennynewyear

      Remember the hysteria over WMD ? It is the very same type of propaganda Bachmann is pushing to get us into a brand new war with Iran. War is good for the economy! Haven’t you heard?

    • Onelifeliberty

      i just recently was realized how dangerous bachman is

  • Chris

    What was so funny I wonder? lol good points though.

  • Whougan

    Get the judge back on this lady is a witch just switch the ‘w’ with a ‘b’.  Let the man speak!

    • CSN

      Agreed!  She’s rude and she’s rude.  That’s all I can say for her.

  • Clyde

    WTF happened to Freedom Watch?!?!?!
    Where’s the judge?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Gwinn/100001721305401 Michael Gwinn


  • Danny

    I want to punch that fat bitch in the mouth!!

  • tom

    I think it’s hilarious that she’s trying to talk with the Judge’s inflection.

  • Anonymous

    Doug Wead seems like a real nice guy.

    • Gaetano

      I thought the same thing..

  • Anonymous

    Doug Weed needs to get more air time.  Great confidence.  Sometimes Ron answers questions on foreign relations without reaffirming he is not anti-war.  I sometimes wonder if he is baiting the media into attacking him on that, his strong suit.

  • Sylinic

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  • Ray

    Lol, Freedom Watch? Tyranny Sympathizer more like it.

    Doug Weed, speakin’ the TRUTH…BAM, SUCK ON THAT!

  • bob

    i do believe that was the most hideous, snobby, and rude “woman” i have ever seen.

    • jason james

      She has a nice chest though

  • jennynewyear

    She is a real channel changer!

  • Anonymous

    She needs to be cattle prodded

  • Onelifeliberty

    I just laughed so hard and said to myself “Wow Michelle Bachman is a dangerous woman” I’ve heard some crazy things from people ,but i didn’t expect her to be so deceptive..

  • Cory

    Remember Newt would be infinitely more dangerous than Obama is now, any judge that he did not agree with, he would simply arrest them and want to try them in front of congress. There is a name for this type of ideology and that name is fascism.
    Ron Paul also wants to spend the money we are spending building other nations and redirect that money for national defense, not the national offense we are practicing today. Mr. Wead here made a good point of what we did in the 1950’s if you want to know the full story, this video explains it well

  • http://twitter.com/JPaulOnline Justin Hubbard

    That lady gives me a bad vibe.  I don’t like her near as much as the judge.

  • Anonymous

    How bitchy is this woman?  

  • Anonymous

    Why bring up the situation with the Christians being slaughtered in Iraq and Egypt if Ron Paul’s line would most likely be that it’s none of our business?  Based on everything he’s said before, I can’t imagine he would support us “interfering” there.  I agree that we should use the Constitution as a basis for any wars we must fight….that horse has been beaten to death months ago.  The real question is under what situations would Ron Paul support going to war at all?  As President you get A LOT more intel than congressmen do.  As soon as he gets sworn will he be capable of facing the reality of what the threat to America is and is he capable of responding to it or will he tread water and just hope he doesn’t get bit during his term?

    • Ray

      Heard we just sold Egypt some 80 million dollars worth of jets…that country’s more staging grounds for war with Iran…looks more and more like they’re setting up WW3 to erupt in the region.

  • TregLoyden

    Doug is Great.  Keep it up Doug!