• Whougan

    I feel so blessed to be a college student at this turning point in American electoral politics.  My faith is in your message Ron Paul.  History is on your side.  Forget what the nay-sayers do to you. Don’t let up on the message of liberty.  Liberty is new and tyranny is old.  Keep fighting the good fight.  

  • Tonythebrain36

    The government has no right to sanction or ban marriage. The government has no right to be in your wallet or bedroom. The government has no right to discriminate against you for your sex, race, creedo, religion, sexual orientation, et cetera, et cetera. The social conservatives need to realize, it’s just liberal as all get out to use government…even to enforce your religion.

    And States have ALWAYS defined and set the punishements for different types of murder. In some States what is murder is not in another. The idea that the federal government has a right or more of a right to define abortion or marriage than the States is nonsense. The idea that States should even define these things is nonsense. No government can truely define what already exists before the government itself. We have rights we are born with, and therefore all government can do is aggress against those rights. We aren’t saying States are all powerful and able to erase our rights by votes and such, we are simply pointing out that it’s always been done this way on the most serious of laws, and that it works BETTER than having some bereaucrats in a far distant capital handle it. The best answer is not available…to not have government involved AT ALL in these issues, from abortion to defintions of murder, to marriage, et cetera.

    If you end another’s life on purpose, that’s murder under Natural Law. If you end a fetus’ life on purpose, that is an abortion and homocide under Natural Law. If you can get a preacher, imam, guru, or whatever to marry you, that’s a marriage under Natural Law. These are issues for courts and houses of worship, not governments (and yes, I distinguish courts from governments, as they existed first in history and in the Bible). Those institutions have the powers and authorities granted to them by the willing particpants (the citizens, the congregations) to define abortion, murder, and marriage…not some government.

    Our position is not that States SHOULD define these things anyway they like in a perfect world…our position is that the perfect world is not attainable at this time, and the more we can do to decentralize these things, the close these things get to being in the hands of the correct institutions and out of the hands of the corrupt and sinful government. It is opur position that this is what the founders intended, as evidenced by the FACT States have always defined the most serious of crimes; murder. Surely then marriage, if it is to be a government issue and not strictly a religious institutional issue, must return to the most local forms of government possible.

    Today the States, tomorrow the counties, the next day the towns, and finally the houses of worship and courts that are held in check by jury nullification and willing congregations. Rights are only individual in nature, so these things HAVE to return to the individual. These non-uniform results may not be what certain Christians like, as they cannot FORCE others to live as they wish…but we have to remember that all uniformity is a result of violence and the threat of it, and Jesus was not one to threaten the sinner into going straight. Jesus loved the sinner, hung out with the sinner, and CONVINCED the sinner to change…he never used threats or laws, nor did he ever suggest such an immoral act. It is far more Christ-like to love the sinner than to threaten them with force in order to change them.

    You win no converts with force, and laws have never succeeded in changing any human behavior. Look at prostitution and drug laws…they stop nothing.  

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Tom Woods and Ron Paul!  This message is inspiring and true!

  • Anonymous

    Just gave $500 to Ron Paul’s new 11-11-11 plan.  

  • Clyde

    Just a moment to give thanks those who gave their lives over seas to keep fascism and communism of our shores,
    and to give great distain to the politicians who have been working tirelessly to overturn these efforts. 

  • Gary Jordens

    Right to Life, all my adult life I have felt the need to express the meaning of a life not mine. I wrote a poem that expresses the way  the unborn child might speak if they could on their will to live.  This is for Mr. Ron Paul, my choice as our next President. Gary W Jordens Mercer Wisconsin.


    (An unborn child’s story) 

    Owed to me a life I speak, for not a wrong have I

    Cast within a time of greed, I am the life within
    your seed

    Can you say a GOD you be, to give and take a life
    as thee 

    Not for joy or pleasure be, you take my live to
    set you free


    Published in the Silence Remembered, the National
    Library of Poetry 1998

  • RJ

    Well-said that bit about Iran. I’m a bit harder on our government about Iran than he is…but he’s gotta be nice :)

    • RJ

      And the rest of it as well! Man, I love this guy!