• jeffschryver

    If the label of “enemy combatant” is sufficient to overthrow American citizenship rights and promotes execution without due process, what may become of the hundreds of captives held at Gitmo?  It seems that they could equally now be executed at the President’s choosing because there are no longer requirements for due process of law. 

    While the civilized world rejected torture of prisoners of war we have declared that the “war on terror” is not a conventional war and have summarily suspended POW rights.  Now we find it unnecessary to justify the sentencing of combatants, we make then rationalize secret accusations, and we order in the drones.  While the accountants could some day tell us how many dollars these wars have cost, we now seem to accept that they have also cost us some of the principles that used to guide us.

    We lied when we said “they hate us because of our freedoms”.  This must be even less true today as we now have fewer freedoms left.

  • Anonymous

    They say that the underwear bomber was helped into a seat by man in a suit. That came out in the trial going on now.