Ron Paul videos were scattered all over the web until Ron Paul Flix came along. Within minutes of being broadcast we have the Ron Paul video already listed in our catalogue. Ron Paul supporters also create many grassroots videos, and we have that list of Ron Paul videos too. Ron Paul debate video are some of our most popular videos. Ron Paul speech videos from 2007 and 2008 are being added daily. Perhaps you like Ron Paul videos on ending the Fed? Ron Paul predicted the housing crash in many videos. Whatever your preference, we hope you'll find the Ron Paul Video you're looking for here at Ron Paul Flix.

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  • Jason Caryl

    Thank you Dr Ron Paul for speaking truth regardless of how few or how many are listening.  Ron Paul 2012

  • Dave Burnham

    Ron Paul 2012.  He was Right!  He is the only Politician who is true to his beliefs and does not waffle.  He is also a very down to earth man.  If you want honesty and integrity, constitutional government, sound monetary policty and a change in Foreign policy – VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

  • Redgyl

    The video has been reput back up.


Grassroots-Made Video: Ron Paul Predicted 9/11



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