Ron Paul on Weiner and Obama – FOX – June 16th 2011

Ron Paul on Weiner and Obama – FOX – June 16th 2011



BILL HEMMER:  Sir, good morning to you, and thank you for spending time with us today.

RON PAUL:  Good morning!

BILL HEMMER: Just want to get this Wiener material out of the way in a moment. What did you think of this as it was swirling around Washington over the past three weeks?

RON PAUL:  Well, I thought too much attention was given to it, and although it’s very important, you know we have other important matters.  But, you know, everyone knows that Wiener has had a very, very aggressive personality, and some people liked it and some people did not like it.  But I think it is an example of a man that was very insecure with himself and that’s why he was so aggressive.  And then to find out of this bizzare activity I think confirms the fact that he has a problem, and I think he’s very insecure in what he believes in and has to strike out.  Sometimes nations do the same thing.  So, I think we should learn a lesson from this, but, I think maybe in a day or two, we won’t be talking much about this and I think…

BILL HEMMER:  You’re probably right about that last point there.  Are you surprised he hung on for three weeks?

RON PAUL:  Yeah, I think that represents how twisted his logic and his psychology is in his own mind.  But, people like this, people would like to deal with them in a forceful way, but as a physician, I think he probably needs more psychiatrist than anything else.

BILL HEMMER:  Do you think that was all him, or is that also Democratic leadership?

RON PAUL:  You mean for him leaving?

BILL HEMMER:  For him to hang on this long.

RON PAUL:  No, I think it was all him.  I think that was part of his disease that he had, and he remained aggressive as long as possible because that was his cover.  And, finally, *finally*, he woke up.  But, I think when you look back and look at all his arguments before, it was all cover, and the use of aggression to promote ideas I think is wrong, but that was all he had to offer was the aggressiveness of his own personality.

BILL Hemmer:  I know you didn’t come on to talk about Anthony Wiener, but I do apprec…

RON PAUL:  Right.

BILL HEMMER:  No, I was very curious to get your reaction as a sitting member of Congress when you have ten or twelve terms under your belt from the state of Texas.  Listen, you were all fired up the other night during this debate. I want to roll a clip and ask you about this specific thing now.  Roll this.

RON PAUL:  There shouldn’t be any government assistance to private enterprise. It’s not morally correct.  It’s not legal.  It’s bad economics.  It’s not part of the Constitution.  It’s a fallacy to think that government and politicians and bureaucrats are smart enough to manage the economy, so it shouldn’t happen.

BILL HEMMER:  Your whole point there was to get government out of the lives of the American people.  You were also asked if you could name one thing that this president has done that’s good for the economy for the past two years, and you said nothing. You could not come up with one idea.  Now you’ve had three days to think about this.  Have you changed your mind?

RON PAUL:  OK, now, yeah, I finally came up with something.  He gave Wiener some good advice.  To retire.

BILL HEMMER:  …Anthony Wiener, President Obama said to resign.  So nothing on the economy?

RON PAUL:  Nah, I can’t, because he comes from a different viewpoint than I do.  He believes so much in government.  I believe that the government should be there to protect our liberties, not to run the economy, not to run our lives, and not to police the world.  So, I’m in disagreement with a lot of people here in Washington, because they think that they are destined to run people’s lives, and run the economy, and for us to be the policemen of the world.  So that is the challenge, but I think that is also where we’re winning the argument, because the American people are starting to realize that we, here in Washington, aren’t good managers of their lives, and we’re not doing a good job with the economy; we’re not doing a good job maintaining the value of our currency, and we’re certainly doing a lousy job with our foreign policy overseas.

BILL HEMMER:  Well we heard from Debby Wasserman Schultz saying that Democrats right now own the economy, and they’re responsible for what she characterized as the beginning of a turn-around.  Now Mitt Romney was on stage with you the other night.  He said of the seven members of the Republican Party on stage, any one of them could do a better job than Barack Obama.  You agree with that?

RON PAUL:  Yeah, probably, but that would only be a matter of degree, because a lot of the members that are running, a lot of the people who are running for the Republican nomination, still endorse to some degree the principle that government is our savior, and not the protector of our liberties.  So yes, they could probably do better because I think our president is much more determined, and I think he’s a very very principle person that is dedicated to expanding the role of government, and I think that’s a little less so with the Republicans.




  • Anonymous

    He tried to dig dirt at the end asking about the other candidates……Ron is too smart to play the “I’m better than you game!”