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  • Manuel Crespo

    Ron Paul 2012. He knows about peace and respect to our fellow brothers and sisters everywhere, no matter what religion or color.

    • Mark Panzarino

      Except Atheists.  And blacks.  And Mexicans.  And Asians.  And Israelis.

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  • Iowa Pam

    that was beautiful…thank you Dr. Paul.

  • Cindy

    What a gentle man.  Please join me in praying for Ron Paul throughout this election season. 

    • ProphetLlo

      I WILL stand with YOU!!

  • Dawn Strykr

    God will place Ron Paul in a great position of authority in His Kingdom.

    • Anonymous

      The Kingdom is now. And he has.

  • Kimpeterson99

    Wow…we need a beautiful blessed change like this.  If he wins the election, he will need the angels of GOD to protect him. There is such corruption in the US…it is ashamed we have drifted so far from GOD. Pray for Ron Paul.

  • proRonPaul

    Man , I let out some tears watching this and i’m no cry baby but if thats not the truth then idk what is ! We NEED to vote this man in office Christians and non-christians.He is the bridge way between Usa and obtaining some type of peace and liberty that has been lost somewhere along the way! My God be with Ron Paul in this fight and may your will be done!

  • Chaseair

    HHe does not believe homosexuality is a sin….perhaps he believes in another Jesus? He also believes you can kill a baby after conception… far we have come that this is called a pro life candidate.

  • Christy

    The more I find out about this man the more I love him!  I hope that the country will wake up and see the integrity of this incredible and simple man (simple, not stupid)!

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  • Matthew Reece

    This needs to be a campaign ad.

  • Chasidy Bryant

    Texas was lucky to have him representing them for so long. What an amazing human being he is.


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